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Downriver Dead Men Go is a cinematic post-rock band from Leiden, the Netherlands. Their highly anticipated third album RUINS has been released in November 2022. The new album is another musical step forward for the band, showing a heavier side of DDMG. The songs on RUINS have a wide dynamic range, from exploding guitars to a thin whisper, exploring the boundaries of various musical and filmic styles. Cinematic post-rock in the truest sense!

DDMG previously released two critically acclaimed albums: Tides in 2015 and Departures in 2018, gathering a loyal and ever-growing fanbase. Both albums feature a mesmerizing, atmospheric, melancholic sound, ranging from post-rock to touches of prog and dark wave. Slow, sad and beautiful, they are the ultimate soundtrack to a dark and rainy day, covering themes of loss and loneliness.

A live performance of DDMG wraps you in a warm blanket of melancholia. Dark and brooding vocals, haunting, melodic guitars and imposing keyboard soundscapes, combined with low lighting and video projections, set the mood for an evening to remember

DDMG is: Gerrit Koekebakker (vocals/guitars), Michel Varkevisser (guitars/backing vocals), Peter van Dijk (keys), Menno Kolk (bass guitar), and Marcel Heijnen (drums).

In 2022 and 2023 DDMG will be promoting their new album RUINS with live performances in the Netherlands, the UK and Germany.


Ruins - album cover


The highly anticipated third album RUINS by Downriver Dead Men Go was recorded in 2021 after a very successful Kickstarter campaign. RUINS shows a darker and heavier side of DDMG, covering themes of loss, war and mental health. Expect some big and heavy guitars, combined with the beautiful, intimate melodies and haunting vocals they are known for.

Singer Gerrit: “This album is our best performance to date. We have taken our songwriting and use of dynamics to the next level. Every band member excelled in the studio. We are very proud of the new music and can't wait to get this album out into the world. We look forward to performing these songs live and seeing our fans at one of the gigs!”

The album artwork is by painter, sculptor, and good friend Daniel Martin.

RUINS by Downriver Dead Men Go will be released in 2022 on Freia Music on cd, vinyl, and on all digital platforms.

Departures - album cover


2018 - Freia Music

OOR: “The best-kept prog rock secret from the Netherlands”

PROGRADAR: “The musicianship on Departures is as fine a production as you could wish, oozing with slick, languid rhythms and blossoming crescendos”

NEOPROG: “A deep and dragging voice like that of Leonard Cohen, some sound experiments, sound effects, if you dive into Departures, you’re drowning”

PROGGIES: “DDMG does a really good job translating their ideas and feelings in music"

Tides - album cover


2015 - Freia Music

PROGWERELD: “Enjoying the most beautiful sounds, as if Ennio Morricone has joined a post-rock band”

ZINE: “Tides is the soundtrack for an imaginary film”

OOR: “Tides is a collection of stunning melodies”

PROGRADAR: “If you are partial to a bout of emotionally dark, slow rock when the fancy takes, then I urge you to buy this”


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