It’s time to take you home
Back to the place where you belong
Pass through the door
You don’t need to be here

And I’ll be your guide
Who stays by your side
Who shelters you from rain
And prays for the sun to shine

Got your pictures on the wall
It’s like you never left at all
And sometimes when I’m alone
I can hear you breathing

And you’ll be my guide
Who stays by my side
And shelters me from rain
And prays for the sun to shine

I’ve got you on my skin
Your scent is on the clothes I’m in
You’re all of me
You’re in the air I breathe
This fire you lit inside of me will always

Loneliest Of Creatures

Sometimes she talks without speaking
Sometimes she speaks without a word
And sometimes the air around he catches fire
When all she needs is to be heard

Sometimes she’s gone without leaving
Sometimes she seems miles away
Her body slowly dances to the beat that’s in her head
She dancing to a different beat

Stains of cold sweat on her pillow
Shadows rise and shadows fall
And when the lights go down and the city goed to sleep
She finds no comfort here at all

And she don’t need no one
She don’t need anything
All she needs is someone who keeps her floating when she sinks
And she don’t need no one
She don’t need anything to be free

Loneliest of creatures walking barefoot across the land
Loneliest of creatures never care to understand

Prison Walls

Prison walls
We cannot live inside this cage
Time moves slow
Watch the clock ticking away another day
And it’s strange how things unfold
Your touch it feels so bitter cold
Blackened eyes empty gaze
Is there a voice inside your head
That’s telling you our love is dead
Laid to rest in its early grave

No escape
From this place we once called home
With empty hands
We’re trying hard just to hold on
To what is gone
And the sky full of stars so out of reach
behind these bars
Distant lights fading out
And every stone we have turned and every bridge we have burned
Just to find peace of mind

I close my eyes
And these walls will come falling down
And things will be like before


Take me home
‘Cause it’s been going on too long
Take me home
The only friend I have is gone
So come along

Save my soul
For all the times I lost control
Save my soul
Beneath this skin the blood runs cold
Beneath this skin I’ve grown soo old

Someone take this life from me
So come along


Standing strong against the wind
But I’m losing ground again and again
I’m lost in the shadows
I can’t find my way back home
Slowly fading away into this great unknown

No direction no guiding light
No warning signs no reasons to fight
The fear for tomorrow
It nails me to the floor
Drowning in sorrow keeping demons from my door

This haunted sleep
Destroys my dreams
All that I was I long to be
All of my nights
And all of my days
Don’t play with me uncertainty

Desperation all hope is gone
This bleeding heart has turned into stone
I long for seclusion a place I can call my own
No more confusion fear forever nevermore


Street lights shimmer
You’re leaving home today
Stay with me
Stay with me

Dark clouds gather
The season’s about to change
Stay with me
Stay with me

And though you’re so far away
I’ll think of you every single day
At night when I close my eyes
I search for you in the midnight sky

Oh the time we never had
And all the things I never said
This emptiness inside
I will carry till the day I die

Familiar Face

Here we lie awake
In silent shade
No more dreams to chase
We fell from grace

And there no need for trying
‘Cause trying is all we did these years
You and I we know
This will slowly disappear

And there will come a day
You won’t remember me
Just another familiar face
What I will become

Truth will always hurt
Like a flame that burns the skin
Now it’s time to turn
The key and let me in
And there’s no need for crying
‘Cause crying is just a waste of tears
You and I we know
This will slowly disappear

And there will come a day
You won’t remember me
Just another familiar face
What I will become

So please don’t say the words
‘Cause they will leave me broken

To Have And To Hold

Mother, are you still fighting
A war you know you can’t win
Mother you’re forgiven
For all decisions you made

Life can be cold
Years full of rain
To have and to hold
Soon we’ll meet again

Brother,can you teach me
How decisions are made
Brother is it easy
To turn and just walk away
Sister,are you crying
For all that things have become
Sister just remember
Soon you’ll walk in the sun


Walking Away

Standing here on my own
Days been dragging on without you
A destiny gone so wrong
Now belongs to you

I’m walking away from you

See the light that’s in your eyes
That’s the reason for my breathing
See old friends stand outside
Say so long to you

I’m walking away from you

Wake Up

She lives within these four walls
Hiding from the world
And no one ever gets to see
Her side of the wall
High up in her tower
Where arrows cannot reach
No enemy would dare to climb
She hides from the world

Just open up your eyes to see it
There so much for you to learn
Don’t go hiding endlessly
Cause live too short to always sleep

With both hands on the stearing wheel
She’s in full control
Her watchfull eyes will Always see
Things that don’t belong

Never Change

She builds you up,tears you down
Puts you under,deep under ground
Makes you smile,makes you cry
Makes you wonder,why even try

Goes to show,things will never ever change
More they do,things stay the same

She comes arround,leaves you bare
Gives you nothing,nothing to share
And the words from your lips,they cut like a knife
You aks me to follow,but I keep falling behind


Cold winds change the season
Frost bites the hand,carries the cold across the land
Time shows the lines on your face
Remember the days and all things will fall into place

And you lost the wind from your sails
Too far to be close,just hold out your hand once you’re there
You turned away from the fire,just think of the sun
Think of the sun

Help us the tides they are turning today

Stone In My Heart

After everything that’s said and done,what’s to become
I’m broken in pieces on the floor
I’ve taken so much,can’t take no more

Should I’ve done things differntly?I couldn’t say
God knows I’ve tried,God knows I’ve failed
Now you’re still a a part of me,I can never be free
Now there’s this heavy stone where my heart used to be

And in this crowded room I feel so out of tune
I feel so out of line
Walls are closing in,I’m starting to begin
To feel this stone in my heart

When you’re left out in the cold I’ll be the flame that warms your bones
When you’re adrift on the ocean,look for the light
Look for the light