About DDMG


Downriver Dead Men Go (DDMG) is a post prog band from Leiden, the Netherlands, and started in 2010 as a spin-off of the alternative rock band Caitlin. Mid 2015 the debut album Tides was released. The critically acclaimed album has a mesmerising, atmospheric, melancholic sound. Early 2016 DDMG signs a record deal with Freia Music for the worldwide distribution and promotion of Tides. DDMG has toured the Netherlands to promote their album. A live performance of DDMG wraps you in a warm blanket of melancholia.

The current line-up of DDMG is: Gerrit Koekebakker (vocals/guitars), Fernandez Burton (bass guitar), Michel Varkevisser (guitars/backing vocals), Remco den Hollander (keys) en Manuel Renaud (drums). In March 2018 DDMG released their second album titled ‘Departures’. The album covers the theme of ‘loss’ and comprises a dynamic set of songs, ranging from post-rock to touches of prog and dark wave. Throughout the album, the DDMG signature that was so characteristic on the first album, can be heard. Ambient, melancholic songs with some additional ingredients added by guest musicians. Once again the album was released under Freia Music.

Reviews of Tides:

OOR: “Tides is a collection of stunning melodies. Languid, with sometimes an acceleration, dreamy, and highbrowed in the positive sense of the word.”

Progradar: “If you know of David Lynch, director of ‘Blue Velvet’, ‘Mulholland Drive’ and ‘Twin Peaks’, this album could have sound tracked any of these. If like me you are partial to  a bout of emotionally dark, slow rock when the fancy takes, then I urge you to buy this.”

ZINE: “Tides van Downriver Dead Men Go is the soundtrack for an imagenary film.”

Background Magazine: “It's alternative slow rock/post rock music with long stretching musical themes. I do love the atmosphere that surrounds the album. It's dark, it's somewhat depressing as well, but very beautiful.”

Progwereld: “Enjoying the most beautiful sounds, as if Ennio Morricone has joined a post rock band. With so much tristesse you just close your eyes and float along a warm undertow of melancholia.”

Kindamuzik: “Countless rainy autumn mornings must have passed to attain such intense, dreary sound. With this band the Dutch ‘polder’ has gained a splendid slow core band.”


Past gigs

Date Venue Location
Mar 04, 2018 Progdreams VII, Day 3 Zoetermeer Cultuurpodium Boerderij
Feb 09, 2018 Vrijplaats Leiden
Jan 19, 2018 Warm Winter Fest Katwijk Vredeskerk
Nov 11, 2017 Loevestein Sessions 3 The Hague
July 7, 2017 Atelier Haagweg 4 Leiden
May 27, 2017 Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht aftershow Woven Hand
Mrt 11, 2017 Pop Podium de Beuk Barendrecht
Feb 25, 2017 De Schuit Katwijk
Feb 17, 2017 SCUM Katwijk
Feb 14, 2017 Koffiehuis Noordwijk
Jan 07, 2017 Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht
Dec 10, 2016 Cultuurpodium Boerderij Zoetermeer
Nov 25, 2016 Rockcafe Lazarus Leiden, The Netherlands
Oct 21, 2016 De Koornbeurs Delft, The Netherlands
Sep 10, 2016 Bonte Kraai Katwijk Aan Zee
Jun 04, 2016 Qbus Leiden
May 07, 2016 Pitcher Haarlem
Apr 09, 2016 Den Engel Scheveningen
Apr 01, 2016 Atelier Haagweg 4 Leiden
Mar 19, 2016 Pop Podium de Beuk Barendrecht
Feb 27, 2016 Nederland 3 Wateringen
Feb 15, 2016 Dwaze Zaken Amsterdam
Feb 06, 2016 Studio Gonz Gouda
Dec 04, 2015 Haags Pop Centrum Den Haag
Oct 24, 2015 Vrijplaats Leiden
Oct 15, 2015 Jeltes Haarlem
Sep 20, 2015 Live 071 radio Leiden
Sep 18, 2015 Koornbeurs Delft
Sep 12, 2015 De Bonte Kraai Katwijk
Sep 03, 2015 De Paap The Hague
Sep 01, 2015 Gebr De Nobel Leiden
Jun 27, 2015 cafe pitcher Haarlem
Jun 20, 2015 'S-HeerenLooLands Festival Noordwijk
Jun 12, 2015 De Roskam Katwijk Aan De Rijn Presentation CD Tides
Jun 07, 2015 Hellas Sport Zaandam
May 31, 2015 Midvliet FM Leidschendam
Apr 24, 2015 Scum Katwijk
Apr 10, 2015 Musicon Den Haag
Mar 29, 2015 Unity FM Leiderdorp
Mar 05, 2015 Manifesto cafe Hoorn